Breathwork/Meditation + Yoga Teacher

In the spring of 2021, at the age of 55, Anita Grace Brown’s  first book-  Kamikaze Yogi:  Christ, Yoga + the Courage to Emerge was published.  At that time she’d been teaching yoga and meditation for well over a decade. 

Embarking on her new career as a life coach—a Grooveologist—she’s excited to bring together a lifetime of listening skills, higher consciousness, curiosity, and hard-won wisdom. 

Embodying the truth of integrity and placing spiritual discipline at the forefront of her life has allowed Anita to create a harmonious groove within which to dance with Life. With empathy as a hallmark of her coaching, she's now helping others advance their dreams and passions regardless of their age or stage. 

Anita's been married to Bob for nearly 30 years and has two young adult children in South Jersey.