How will you benefit from 3 coaching sessions with Anita, your personal Grooveologist?

Well, for starters- I am not the woman I was 10 years ago; not even 3 years ago. I’ve healed from C-PTSD and have turned my ADHD neurodivergence into a superpower of intuition. 

  • Reverse unhealthy ways of thinking and find an inner peace
  • Develop a deep, abiding faith in your Life as you put the past behind
  • Accept and give your absolute best as you find the ahh-ha moments

I’m honored to assist with getting to the root of the issue. 
Let’s build new steps  to an emotionally mature YOU who thinks, speaks and acts from 
the real, deeper Self. Notice I didn’t say the ideal self…or higher version…nope, the freedom is in the fullness of your humanity. 

You will trust in vulnerability being your strength. You, my highly-esteemed client will
Re-purpose your supposed ‘weaknesses’. 

Wholeness is your birthright. 

Book your 3 session series with me today to break through to lasting change. I’ll add value by bringing along my expertise in yoga and mediation and I penned an entire book filled with simple daily practices.