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Anita is a wonderful coach.  Her presence, curiosity and ability to acknowledge what others are feeling are superior.  She is very in tune with the types of support that others may need.  If you are stuck, swirling on an issue or having trouble seeing what might be possible, I highly recommend reaching out to Anita.   Rachel, HR Director & Leadership Coach

Anita is genuine. Anita brings the beauty of her own life experience, energetic modalities and spirituality to her comprehensive practice. She is honest and forthright. A gem. Susan, financial advisor

Like many people, I am curious about my underlying motives, and want to increase awareness of those motives in order to make changes in life. I only had one session with Anita but it was an eye-opening experience. I recommend Anita as a healer and a motive revealer. Renata, artist

My first call with Anita was literally life changing. She began our session with a somatic guided meditation helping me to release the cares of the day and to assist me towards being present and aware. As I shared the crossroads I was at, Anita listened intently and mirrored back my words with questions that were soulfully intuitive. Without many words, she led me across a bridge I had been too scared to walk by myself. She empowered me to see that the strength I was experiencing was from within and she was just there to bear witness to my journey. 
Mental blocks that had hindered me for many years were suddenly open. After my session was over, it was as if my vision for my life came into focus. I am amazed at what was accomplished in just 30 minutes.

Anita brings a unique experience to her coaching as she integrates gentle yoga into the coaching.. she has helped me to see more deeply the ways that the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual are all connected. Jenna, Floral Designer, Personal + Home Stylist